20 January 2021

Marked by dancing dragons and colourful lanterns, the Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is considered one of the most important Asian holidays celebrated around the world.

We welcome the Year of the Metal Ox with high hopes and a sigh of relief knowing that we survived 2020, a challenging year of the Metal Rat. According to experts, 2021 is a year with dominating metal and earth elements ruled by the Six White Star which suggests positive opportunities for career and wealth. It’s also connected to the Yin element which represents development and progress.

The Year of the Metal Ox, which begins on February 12, is marked by diligence, discipline, and hard work. You can expect to reap great rewards and success if you are willing to work hard and be considerate to others.

Year of the Metal Ox Zodiac Signs Predictions

According to Chinese zodiac, those born in the years of the Monkey, Dog, and Horse could expect a prosperous year. The Rat, Rooster, Dragon and Snake signs are expected to enjoy steady luck, while those born under the signs of the Goat, Rabbit and Ox should brace themselves for many challenges.

Here’s a quick preview of the ranking and horoscope of each of the Chinese zodiac signs for 2021, courtesy of Way Feng Shui.

Source: Way Feng Shui

Monkey (Luck 92%)

Predicted to be the most favourable sign this 2021, people born in the Year of the Monkey are expected to reap both wealth and profits this year. Aside from having extreme wealth luck and big career prospects this year, you will also enjoy a fun-loving relationship with your family.

Your benefactor signs are Rat and Dog.

Dog (Luck: 88%)

Career growth and great fortune are on the table for those born in the year of the Dog. Though some problems may arise in terms of relationships, remain calm and be honest with yourself. If you continue to be diligent, all your aspirations will go according to plan.

Your benefactor signs are Tiger and Horse.

Horse (Luck: 84%)

After an ill-starred 2020, prosperity and luck are coming to you this year. You will meet a lot of people who will be instrumental to your success. Though as a warning, be careful with temptations as they may affect your relationship with your partner.

Your benefactor signs are Tiger and Dog.

Tiger (Luck: 80%)

Expect a year of steady luck in your career and a blossoming love life. You will meet a lot of new friends and receive several opportunities for self-improvement. Seize every opportunity you get and go all out to achieve your goals.

Your benefactor signs are Horse and Dog.

Rat (Luck: 76%)

You will see your past diligence pay off this year as you enjoy growth in your interpersonal relationships, career and business. While your luck is relatively stable, it’s a good idea for you to build new connections and learn new skills as it will bring favourable results.

Your benefactor signs are Rat and Monkey.

Rooster (Luck: 72%)

A proportionate mix of lucky and unlucky stars are on the horizon for people born under the Rooster sign. In terms of wealth and career, there will be several opportunities for you to succeed in these areas if you maintain good connections and a positive mindset. Meanwhile, you must also prioritise your health as it will be easy for you to get injured.

Your benefactor signs are Monkey and Dog.

Dragon (Luck: 68%)

Your greatest opportunity this year rests on your relationship with those around you. Remember to focus on the people that matter most so you can be rewarded with a positive outlook. You will experience stable luck this year and it will continue if you remain patient with others.

Your benefactor signs are Tiger and Monkey.

Snake (Luck: 64%)

Those born in the Year of the Snake will experience moderate luck this year. Fortunately, you will still achieve growth in areas of wealth and career. A few unlucky stars may impact you this year but if you remain considerate and calm, you can easily cope with unfortunate issues. Take care of your health and don’t forget to rest if you must.

Your benefactor signs are Horse and Monkey.

Pig (Luck: 56%)

This year will bring you happiness and wealth luck. It’s suggested that you grab any opportunities to widen your horizon as this will be advantageous for you. On the other hand, it’s unavoidable to encounter family troubles this year, and you must ensure you are mentally ready for any uncertainty.

Your benefactor signs are Rat and Tiger.

Goat (Luck: 52%)

While you were the luckiest sign in 2020, this year might paint a different picture for you. Your emotions will be tested as you will go through issues in your finances and relationships. However, you must choose to stay calm to rise above these unfavourable situations.

Your benefactor sign is Horse.

Rabbit (Luck: 40%)

Prepare to face a great deal of challenges this year. Stay vigilant when dealing with people and pay attention to details. Make use of this time to invest in yourself and gain new knowledge. While it may not be the best year for you, remember that you have the power over any problems.

Your benefactor signs are Tiger and Dog.

Ox (Luck: 32%)

For those born in the Year of the Ox, a deluge of unlucky stars clouds your year. Your mental state will be challenged more than ever, especially in terms of your self-confidence and fear of failure. On the bright side, you will have several opportunities to be innovative and creative.

Your benefactor sign is Rat.

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Auspicious Décor and Feng Shui Ideas

Truly, there’s no place like home. And what better way to bring harmony to your households than by following some feng shui tips?

Way Feng Shui outlines the best home décor tips to attract good energy. For starters, it’s recommended to use warm colours such as orange, pink, yellow, and red for your living room to entice strong family bonds. As it’s the first space for visitors, the living room must be kept neat and tidy. Not only does it leave a good impression, it also invites people to enjoy more memorable family moments.

Flowers are always a good idea, especially as they signify rebirth. Plum flowers, pine branches, and bamboo blossoms are popular choices for the season as they symbolize perseverance, flexibility, and longevity. For an auspiciously curated floral arrangement, drop by EnJoy Fleur (#B2-70A), and be dazzled by their personalized creations starting from $39, just like the Yellow & Orange Petite Pussy Willow below.

You’d be happy to note that feng shui doesn’t dictate a specific direction or placement of furniture. What’s essential is that you have a functional and pleasing space to connect with your loved ones.

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