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3 April 2023

Green Your Office in 5 Easy Steps

In Singapore, over the past forty years, the amount of waste disposed has increased seven-fold, with a staggering 6.94 million tonnes of solid waste generated in a recent year. As we return to the office, there’s no time to waste in implementing a zero waste plan for the workplace!  After… Continue Reading

5 September 2022

Playing our Part to Preserve the Ozone Layer

Out of sight, out of mind – a phrase suggesting that we forget things when we don’t see or come in contact with them. How about the things we cannot see? Does it mean they don’t exist and we need not care about them? Above the earth, there’s a veil… Continue Reading

18 April 2022

Your Guide To Eating Lean, Clean and Green

We are all for getting in your daily vegetables, but eating green in this context is more than just getting in a portion of produce on your plate.  When it comes to doing your part for the planet, your eating habits can make a difference too.  From the type of… Continue Reading

11 April 2022

Experience MO | What’s Brewing at Starbucks?

Source: Starbucks If your perfect morning looks like a nice, hearty breakfast with a side of caffeine, Starbucks Coffee is a great pick that offers some of the finest coffees in the world. In line with our spotlight on sustainability this month, the friendly folks over at Starbucks are also… Continue Reading

4 April 2022

Going beyond Earth Hour

We’re no strangers to Earth Hour, where we see millions of people, businesses and governments around the world come together for an hour on the last Saturday of March each year to take one iconic action: switch off the lights.  But Earth Hour is more than a symbolic one-hour event… Continue Reading

3 February 2021

8 Last-Minute Preparations to Make Your Family and Home Ready for the Lunar New Year

With barely a week to go before we welcome the Year of the Metal Ox, we are sure many households are busy preparing their Lunar New Year festivities at home. Of course, as the new normal dictates, this year’s celebration will be quite different than usual, as we prioritise public… Continue Reading

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