Tea for Hangovers
05 May 2020

Tea-rific Ways of Curing Hangovers the Natural Way

Swigging alcohol may not be the best for your heart, but sipping tea is most definitely a toast to your long-term heart health.

According to a study published in January by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, regular tea drinkers have a 20 per cent lower risk of a heart attack or related problem. Could this be the reason why teas have been used as a hangover cure for hundreds, if not thousands of years? 


What we do know is that teas, while not all the same, are beneficial to your health in a multitude of ways.

True teas originate from camellia sinensis (aka tea plant), which is used to make most traditional caffeinated teas, such as black tea, green tea and white tea. Most true teas are rich in compounds called flavonoids that assist in dampening inflammation – a culprit of heart diseases and other bodily disfunctions.

Herbal teas (aka tisanes) are derived from an infusion of various leaves, fruits, barks, roots or flowers of plants, including that of hibiscus, peppermint, rooibos, turmeric and ginger. Typically loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, herbal teas boost energy, combat free radicals, and bring about a sense of calmness – everything you need to tackle that nasty hangover.

Make Merry with Masala Chai

With a whole array of spices, such as ginger and cardamom, working in synergy to relieve inflammation and indigestion, Masala Chai has excellent detoxing properties. Get the full benefits of this cuppa at Addictude, where it is freshly brewed through an espresso method of extraction upon ordering. 

The organic gourmet tea company also does a great Lemon Hibiscus tea, if you need something refreshing to wash off the spiciness of the Masala Chai. Sweet, tart and soothing, the Lemon Hibiscus tea features Hibiscus flower, which protects the liver from damage and is another remedy for digestive issues that can surface during a hangover, and lemon, which is packed with vitamin C – great against hangovers.

Addictude is located at Marina One, #B2-27

Perk Up with Pine Passion Fruit Tea

Filled with vitamin C, Tropical Sundays’ Pine Passion Fruit Tea soothes all your throbbing headaches that comes with hangovers. The pineapples are loaded with enzymes to ease any nausea or digestion problems, and passion fruit are rich in antioxidants which may delay any cell damage. The fruit tea bar concocts their drinks with honey, which is perfect for calming nerves, instead of sugar. 

Tropical Sundays @ Leisure Goods Company is located at Marina One, #B2-58

Lighten Up Your Mood with Lemongrass Tea

The Social Space’s Lemongrass tea is made using young, tender lemongrass leaves from Amba Estate, and features lemon, black pepper, ginger, honey and a hint of menthol for more complex flavours. Ginger can help ease an upset tummy and suppress nausea and dizziness, while lemon is great for detoxification.

The eco-friendly café even revealed how it is concocted, “add lemongrass tea and the slice of ginger in cup, pour in boiling water and let steep for 4 minutes. After 4 minutes, strain the mixture and add in lemon juice from the quarter of a lemon.” Seems simple enough for something with that much nutritional benefits.

The Social Space is located at Marina One, #01-03

Glow from Within with Green Tea

Green tea has a calming effect on the brain that effectively alleviates hangover symptoms such as nausea and headache. Get your fix of natural antioxidants with some Honey Lemon Green Tea or Yakult Green Tea Infusion at BRU, a homegrown brand specializing in tea infusions and juice concoctions.  

Aside from green tea, BRU also recommends having their ABC (apple, beets, carrots) juice accompanied with a shot of ginger and lemon. Beets are well-known for its liver cleansing properties, carrots are anti-inflammatory, apples boost immunity, while ginger and lemon are great for detoxification, making this drink a perfect hangover cure.

BRU – BUBBLE TEA & JUICE INFUSIONS is located at Marina One, #B2-21

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