How to Drink your Whisky this World Whisky Day
17 May 2022

The best things in life take time – and whisky is one of them. 

And while it’s a classic that some might prefer neat or on the rocks, there are countless ways in which the luxurious liquid can be consumed. 

With World Whisky Day upon us, the best way to celebrate is with a toast – however you like it. After all, what matters the most is that you as the drinker enjoy it!

  1. Whisky Neat

Starting with the basics, having your whisky neat is having just whisky, period. 

Recommended for those who enjoy the taste of alcohol, we can’t deny that you will be able to really take in the powerful nuances of each sip when taken neat. 

To some, a glass of straight whisky might feel like a warm hug, while to others, it might be a little too harsh for them. But if you haven’t already, we recommend trying it neat at least once – and who knows, you might just enjoy it perfectly. 

  1. Whisky with Water

You would be surprised how much difference a little water can make when it comes to whisky. 

Adding just a few drops can help to bring out different flavours by lowering the alcohol concentration and allowing you to better take in the aroma of your drink. 

Of course, the more water you add, the more diluted your whisky will become. To avoid over-diluting your drink, simply add the water in drops and repeat until you find a balance that works for you. 

  1. Whisky on the Rocks

Some people might be on the lookout for an option that’s more refreshing than simply adding water to their drink. 

After a day out in sunny Singapore, sometimes a cold glass of whisky might be just what you need. 

And when it comes to the type of ice, a large ice cube or ice ball might be your best bet as they take a longer time to melt – keeping your drink chilled without diluting it too quickly. 

  1. Whisky Cocktails

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy whisky (or simply don’t enjoy the taste of whisky on its own), you could also opt for a whisky cocktail that’s sweeter on the palate. 

Some fun options include mixing whisky with coca-cola, ginger ale, or even green tea!

Old Fashioned

A classic whisky cocktail usually paired with sugar and bitters, the old fashioned is for you if you prefer your booze lightly sweetened. Some might say it’s barely a cocktail at all, but we’ll let you be the judge. 

Whisky Sour

For a refreshing alternative, you could also give the whisky sour a go – a shaken whisky cocktail made with lemon juice, sweetener and egg white, served in a chilled glass. 

Whisky Smash

Want something a little more fruity? Swap the egg white for mint and you’ll have yourself the whisky smash, lending a cooling minty note as you sip on the fine drink best served with crushed ice. 

And if you’re feeling adventurous, you could even try your hand at adding a little whisky to some time-tested recipes that originally don’t make use of whisky at all! With its diverse profile of flavours, the possibilities are endless. 

At the end of the day, find a variation that you like the best. And if you need some guidance picking out a bottle, the friendly staff members at 1855 The Bottle Shop (#01-24) would be more than happy to help.