Great Beers and Bites for a Great Oktoberfest
25 September 2023

Oktoberfest, a time of Bavarian folk performances and music, delectable carnival food and a good ol’ pint of ice cold beer to wash it all down. While we don’t have the festival here on our shores, what we do have is great food and a wide selection of  liquid gold. 

Now, there are no rules for when or how you should drink your beer. But wouldn’t you agree that there are certain foods best washed down with specific flavours of drink?

Sure, matters of the palate are subjective and could lead to a (rather heated) debate. After all, one person’s yum could be another’s yuck, or so they say.

Objectively speaking, however, flavour profiles are a science in itself. For instance, when you dip fries in ketchup, you’re already performing an act of this culinary magic. Similarly, the beverage you choose to go with your meal can either enhance the flavours on your plate, or ruin an otherwise tasty dish.

Relish in the celebratory air of Oktoberfest and let us take your taste buds on a field trip down Marina One’s own gastronomic paradise through the wonders of food pairing.

1. NUMB Restaurant (#01-12/13)

Calling all spicy food lovers! Head on over to NUMB Restaurant for a tongue-numbing experience of Sichuan’s flavourful dishes. Here, you can find the Jing-A Worker’s Pale Ale ($12.80 per pint), a full flavoured American Pale Ale dubbed to be for the Beijing working man. The beer offers distinct notes of grapefruit and the aroma of pine resin, with the moderately bitter taste of hops characteristic of most American Pale Ales. 

A beer this refreshing is great for soothing the palate after the taste of more potent dishes like the Spicy Chilli Chicken with Fried Dough Twist ($30.80 for small, $40.80 large) with its crispy texture and rich aroma. 

Curious about how it will taste? From now till October 4th, try the dish for yourself at NUMB, where they are having a promotion for two pints of Jing-A Worker’s Pale Ale and a small portion of spicy Chilli Chicken and Fried Dough Twist for just $39.90 (Original Price at $56.40)!

2. Anglo Indian Cafe & Bar (#01-10)

Anglo Indian Cafe & Bar’s selection of authentic Indian dishes are the savoury pick for anyone looking for an explosion of flavours. To complement these strong flavours, we recommend the Erdinger Weissbier ($11.90 per print) as your poison of choice, a classic wheat beer characterised by gently spicy malt aromas and mildly bitter hops. 

This drink goes splendidly with the Chicken Tikka Platter ($24), a South Asian dish made of succulent boneless chicken pieces marinated and grilled in various herbs, spices and yoghurt. 

Give this pairing a go with the Erdinger beer and Chicken Tikka Platter combo for just $29.90 (Original Price at $35.90)! This promotion will be valid from now till October 3rd.

3. The Singapura Club (#01-20/21)

The Singapura Club is the place to swing by if you’re looking for somewhere to unwind and have some contemporary pan Asian dishes. For those popping by for some drinks with a couple of your kakis, we recommend the Hofbrau Munchen Lager beer ($15 per pint)—a full-bodied German malt beer with a fine hoppy aroma, or the Brewerks’ Indian Pale ($16 per pint)—an English-style beer with a big herbal and floral hop character. 

Of course, no drinks night will be complete without some delicious snacks to satiate your cravings. If you’re having the ice cold German Lager, we recommend their crowd favourite Mama Wings ($11.80) packed with fresh Sichuan spices. For those who prefer your finger foods on a stick, the restaurant also serves up some mean Merdeka Satays ($17 for chicken, $19 for mutton/mixed). 

The Singapura Club has a promotion just for you: grab a handful of friends and come on down to enjoy five Brewerks Indian Pale Ales and some free tapas for just $58!

Ultimately, personal preference of taste is something completely up to each individual. Our taste buds are unique; its ability to recognize flavours are dependent on a multitude of factors like the amount of taste receptors we have or their sensitivity to certain foods.

So, let our guide be just a guide and not an iron cage. Above all, you should eat what you like and drink what you want!