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Sushi Eating Etiquette

Filling and flavourful, sushi takes the crown as the perfect food option for any working lunch or good old catch-up-with-friends meal. As often as we might eat sushi, many of us still aren’t sure how to eat it the ‘right’ way.  We may find ourselves asking questions like: What’s fresh ginger for? Should we use … Continue reading “Sushi Eating Etiquette”

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Inspiring Stories | From Dishwasher to Masterchef, Meet Chef Yong Bing Ngen

“I like the idea of being able to do what I want and not be restricted in terms of creativity. I want to do things that inspire me to venture out and even open my own restaurant.” Yong Bing Ngen, Chef-Owner of Majestic Restaurant Your first job is typically the one that you remember most. … Continue reading “Inspiring Stories | From Dishwasher to Masterchef, Meet Chef Yong Bing Ngen”

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Experience MO | The Architectural Wonder of Marina One

Like a forest seamlessly weaved into the urban landscape of Singapore city, a trip down to Marina One is never complete without Instagram-worthy photos of our space! Appearing as a plant-covered mountain rising into the Singapore skyline, our four-tower mixed-use building complex includes lush planting, green sky terraces and flora-covered public spaces, creating a brilliant … Continue reading “Experience MO | The Architectural Wonder of Marina One”

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Father’s Day: Dad Deserves Best

As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. What better way to tell dad “I love you” than through a delicious spread – all just in time for Father’s Day!  Getting a table at the perfect restaurant to show dad just how much you appreciate him can be tough, so … Continue reading “Father’s Day: Dad Deserves Best”

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How to Drink your Whisky this World Whisky Day

The best things in life take time – and whisky is one of them.  And while it’s a classic that some might prefer neat or on the rocks, there are countless ways in which the luxurious liquid can be consumed.  With World Whisky Day upon us, the best way to celebrate is with a toast … Continue reading “How to Drink your Whisky this World Whisky Day”

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Inspiring Stories | Living with Muscular Dystrophy and Finding Purpose with MDAS

“People with muscular dystrophy are just like everyone else, but with a lot more challenges than the average person and with the right support, we can live meaningful lives too.”  Timothy Chan, member of MDAS A genetic condition that sees progressive muscle weakness and degeneration – muscular dystrophy and its symptoms are impossible to ignore.  … Continue reading “Inspiring Stories | Living with Muscular Dystrophy and Finding Purpose with MDAS”

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Mother’s Day: Gifts for Mummy Dearest

While mother knows best, she certainly deserves the best too! With Mother’s Day 2022 fast approaching, it’s time to start planning how you can show your love – other than through your words, hugs and kisses – with the perfect gift for mummy dearest.  Of course, finding one that shows her just how much she … Continue reading “Mother’s Day: Gifts for Mummy Dearest”


Your Guide To Eating Lean, Clean and Green

We are all for getting in your daily vegetables, but eating green in this context is more than just getting in a portion of produce on your plate.  When it comes to doing your part for the planet, your eating habits can make a difference too.  From the type of food you consume to the … Continue reading “Your Guide To Eating Lean, Clean and Green”


Experience MO | What’s Brewing at Starbucks?

If your perfect morning looks like a nice, hearty breakfast with a side of caffeine, Starbucks Coffee is a great pick that offers some of the finest coffees in the world. In line with our spotlight on sustainability this month, the friendly folks over at Starbucks are also no strangers to the cause with their … Continue reading “Experience MO | What’s Brewing at Starbucks?”


Going beyond Earth Hour

We’re no strangers to Earth Hour, where we see millions of people, businesses and governments around the world come together for an hour on the last Saturday of March each year to take one iconic action: switch off the lights.  But Earth Hour is more than a symbolic one-hour event – it’s a clarion call … Continue reading “Going beyond Earth Hour”

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Experience MO | Coffee Alternatives for the Caffeine-Addicted

There’s no denying that drinking a cup of good coffee can be a magical experience.   Whether for pleasure or function, enjoying a cup or two a day is quite the norm, with some of us even reaching for a third or fourth when that afternoon slump hits.  While many of us consider coffee to be … Continue reading “Experience MO | Coffee Alternatives for the Caffeine-Addicted”

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Your Guide to Gym Etiquette while Toning Up

As we bid the month of Lunar New Year gatherings, consecutive hotpot dinners and Valentine’s Day chocolates goodbye, it’s time to get back to meeting your New Year resolutions and kick-start your fitness routine (once again).   Whether you were a regular in the gym or someone entirely new to the scene, hitting the gym again … Continue reading “Your Guide to Gym Etiquette while Toning Up”

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Inspiring Stories | International Women’s Day 2022: How Cheryl Ou and Eileen Yap #BreakTheBias

Celebrating the successes and strides that women have achieved, we’re taking this International Women’s Day to speak to two inspiring women to get their take on what it means to #BreakTheBias as they create new paths and ways of working, bringing about meaningful change to the world.   Cheryl Ou | Co-founder of The Nail Social and … Continue reading “Inspiring Stories | International Women’s Day 2022: How Cheryl Ou and Eileen Yap #BreakTheBias”

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