Experience MO | What’s Brewing at Starbucks?
11 April 2022
Source: Starbucks

If your perfect morning looks like a nice, hearty breakfast with a side of caffeine, Starbucks Coffee is a great pick that offers some of the finest coffees in the world.

In line with our spotlight on sustainability this month, the friendly folks over at Starbucks are also no strangers to the cause with their commitment to serving the best coffee possible. 

This goes beyond the delicious taste of their coffee to the processes behind the sourcing of their beans, of which are held to high social, economic, environmental and quality standards. 

What most people don’t know is that Starbucks coffee buyers personally travel to coffee farms in Latin America, Africa and Asia to handpick the high-quality beans that will be used, as well as support the communities in which they do businesses in through providing holistic support to farmers and their neighbourhoods, in their efforts to ethically sourcing and ensuring a sustainable future for all. 

Being mindful of the impact they can create, sustainability is a big part of the company ethos. 

So how then is Starbucks Singapore playing their part to make a difference? 

  1. They use rPET cups for to-go orders

PET is short for polyethylene terephthalate, a clear and lightweight plastic widely used for packaging food and beverages. rPET on the other hand refers to PET plastic that has been recycled and reprocessed to make something new – in this case, cups for your coffee. 

P.S. While being friendlier for the environment, the ideal would still be to bring your own tumbler or reusable mug, reducing the need for any sort of plastic to be used at all. Plus, you get to enjoy 50 cents off each order when you do so too!

  1. They discourage the use of straws with “sippy cup” lids

In June 2018, Starbucks announced the rollout of strawless lids on selected drinks in their effort to eliminate the use of one billion plastic straws globally each year, in which they have extended to all iced drinks in 2020.

Unlike the flat lid and straw combination typically used for iced beverages, the “sippy cup” lid contains 9% less plastic.

This is a step forward for Starbucks as they move towards their target of reducing 50% of the amount of waste sent to landfills by 2030.

  1. They offer compostable straws 

There are some blended beverage items on the menu like Frappuccinos and drinks with whipped cream that require a straw. 

In these cases, feel free to ask for one as their straws are made of crystallised polylactic acid, which is a more sustainable option than traditional plastic. 

Being a bioplastic made from corn starch, you’d be pleased to know that these straws are sustainable, renewable, and home compostable too!

Of course, being more sustainable doesn’t mean that the consumption of these products leaves no impact on the environment. It’s important to remain mindful and take only what you need!

A little goes a long way, and with Starbucks commitment to designing and constructing more eco-conscious stores, there’s even more of a reason now to get a cuppa from them at Marina One (#B2-08)!