Experience MO | Coffee Alternatives for the Caffeine-Addicted
28 March 2022

There’s no denying that drinking a cup of good coffee can be a magical experience.  

Whether for pleasure or function, enjoying a cup or two a day is quite the norm, with some of us even reaching for a third or fourth when that afternoon slump hits. 

While many of us consider coffee to be an essential for keeping us energised and alert, the recommended amount of caffeine for an average adult to consume a day is no more than 400 milligrams (that’s about four cups of coffee!).  

However, we mustn’t forget that other food items like chocolates and soft drinks also contain some level of caffeine, making it easy for us to exceed the recommended daily amount when not kept in check. 

For those looking for an energising alternative with less caffeine to replace your daily cuppa, here are some of our recommendations:  

Kopi and Tarts (#B2-39)

For some tea with a local touch, this is your stop. With XXL iced drinks at Kopi and Tarts, you can sip away with a cup of Iced Gula Melaka Milk Tea for a light energy boost or cosy up with a cup of Hot Teh in your hands as you head to your next stop.  

Source: IG@cweizhi

Addictude  (#B2-10)

Serving you gourmet tea, or ‘tea-presso,’ Addictude’s Classic Black is the best-caffeinated drink to get you started in the morning with less caffeine than coffee, but being more than just a cup of tea.  

If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, we recommend trying the Mango Cranberry, a 100% natural infusion of sweet exotic fruits, herbs and spices, perfect for an afternoon refresh.  

Joe & Dough (#B2-12)

With a special selection of fine artisanal teas, Joe & Dough offers a wide variety of unique blends that boast different health benefits as well.  

Some of our picks include the: 

Rose Earl Grey – which contains antioxidants that support heart health 

Oriental Sencha – with anti-inflammatory properties and is also known to boost the immune system 

Lemongrass Detox – which offers anxiety-reducing properties as well as relieves bloating 

Source: IG@joendough

Morning Grind  (#B2-52)

Along with their delightful selection of wraps, croissants and muffins, Morning Grind offers both English and Singapore-style drip teas! 

Whether you prefer the nostalgic aroma of Masala Tea or like it classic with an English Breakfast Tea, the coffee-alternative options at Morning Grind will have you spoilt for choice. 

Source: IG@morninggrindcafe