Efficient Ways To Clear Your Mind
5 October 2022

Have you ever experienced lagging problems on your phone? Does it crash out of the blue? One of the reasons for such problems is often due to low storage space on your device. The solution to this is to manage your phone’s memory.

Although the human brain is more complex and abstract than phones, there are similarities between how the memory storage of a phone and the human brain function – there is only so much we can process given our limited capacity.

So how often do you clear your mind? Some misconceptions surrounding mental wellness include how time-consuming and expensive taking care of our minds can be, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some efficient habits you can weave into your life for a clearer mind:

  1. Journaling

People tend to feel better after getting something frustrating and overwhelming off their chest. Journaling does the same for your mind as it allows you to process your emotions and thoughts by writing them down. Writing helps you discern what you feel and think, guiding you to see things more clearly. When talking is inconvenient or uncomfortable, journaling becomes a safe space for you to work through the mess of your mental state. 

If you struggle with articulating your thoughts aloud, journaling helps you to practice putting your thoughts into words. Just like transferring and organising files from your laptop to an external storage device, your journal becomes an extension of your mind and memory.

With these benefits in mind, how do we get started? You can open the notes app on your phone and start typing away! Or if you prefer writing, start with a small notebook and your go-to pen instead – you don’t need any fancy stationery or template to begin journaling. With such portability, you can journal anytime, anywhere; effectively helping clear your mind and offload your emotions in the process.

  1. Tidying Up Living Spaces & Workspaces

Cleaning up your workspace or room can be time-consuming, especially when there are still many things left to check off your to-do list. However, studies show that a clean workspace improves your mental state and helps reduce anxiety and stress levels. 

Tidying minimises the visual noise around you, which improves your mental state and mood. With less unnecessary sensory stimulation and clutter, you’re likely to be less distracted and more focused. Moreover, tidying up a space involves moving about, which boosts oxygen circulation in your body – a remedy for brain fog and mental blocks. 

With all that said, we know that cleaning up might sound like a chore, so we suggest starting small. You can start by making your bed, clearing your table at the end of the day, doing the dishes or folding the laundry as a mental break. Have a go, and watch your mood improve!

  1. Talking It Out

Lastly, have you ever wondered why you feel relieved after ranting to a friend? When you verbalise your thoughts and feelings, you release pent-up emotions attached to those thoughts. Talking prompts you to think clearer, organise your thoughts, and distinguish between your thoughts and reality.

Unlike journaling, talking to someone offers second opinions, which clarifies your thinking process. As the social creatures humans are, having listening ears and the feeling of being listened to is uplifting and heartening. Even if the problems don’t go away, you’ll often find yourself feeling better than before.

Talking it out with a trusted friend is ideal, but when we feel lonely with no one to talk to, know that you can get help. You can reach SOS (Samaritans of Singapore) at 1-767, a 24-hour hotline, or SAMH (Singapore Association for Mental Health) at 1800-283-7019.

The fact remains that when our brain is overwhelmed with no output to destress or take a break, our mental woes tend to snowball, causing our mental health to decline, thus increasing the chances of burnout and higher risks of mental health issues. 

In light of World Mental Health day, Marina One has set up a relaxation corner at Level 1, City Room West (outside Kazu Sushi Grill Sake #01-14) for all who visit. From games like giant Jenga, and mini-golf to even ebooks, give your mind and body a break from the real world before you carry on about your day!

Taking care of your mental health shouldn’t be seen as work but as a necessity to safeguard the quality of life you deserve. Once you make it a habit, caring for your mental health becomes second nature.