Celebrating Our Local Favourites!
25 July 2023

Pinpointing the exact thing that we might be most grateful for this National Day can be quite a difficult task to accomplish – but we’d wager that food would come up frequently as the most common answer. 

Despite being known for the ‘rojak’ or mish-mash of cuisines and cultures,  there’s something about the comfort and familiarity of local delights that will always fill us up, body and soul, and remind us of home. To commemorate the past 58 years of growth and nation building, let us take you on a one-day trip to re-explore Singapore’s exquisite local delights!


Fun Toast, Instagram

First stop, breakfast! Begin your day at Fun Toast (#B2-45A) – a staple for all your morning sustenance needs! We love our toasts and with a wide array of options to choose from, take your pick between classic toast sets or explore new options! Who knows, you could discover your next favourite dish. You can also count on timeless staples like the Mee Siam with Shredded Chicken ($5.30), Curry Chicken with Rice or Chee Cheong Fun ($6.50), and Soya Sauce Chicken Wings with Rice, Noodles or Chee Cheong Fun ($6.50) that are great for sharing if they are too heavy for the morning!

For the sippers and compulsive gulpers, prepare to mull over your choice of drink with a plethora of options including traditional beverages like Red Cane Leaf – a long forgotten drink with health benefits that is popular with the elderly, and topped with crunchy bits of water chestnut.

Or you could just opt for a cup of traditional Nanyang Kopi or Teh!


Onto lunch with a household name! Arcade Fish Soup (#B2-40) is a popular destination for the lunch crowd and it’s not hard to see why. Expect a bowl of delicious signature soup ($8 for the regular size, and $10 for the large), filled with ingredients, and topped with your choice of sliced, fried, or even a mix of fish. There’s also a choice of carbs available, with two varieties of rice, white and brown ($0.50 and $1 respectively), or thick bee hoon ($1) for you to choose from. Talk about being customisable to your tastes!

If that isn’t enough for you, hungry readers can also consider adding in some additional ingredients from a wide range of choices: scallops, toufu, vegetables, tomato, and pickles.

Filling, comforting, and a slice of tradition that has stood the test of time, sink into a huge bite of what a delightful afternoon meal could taste like.


Cap off the day and unwind over dinner at The Singapura Club (#01-20/21), a dining bar, restaurant, and a lifestyle enclave perfect for winding down. Serving up an all-day dining experience, diners can look forward to pan-asian dishes that are certain to tingle and excite!

For starters, select from an option of club tapas like Dhaba paneer tikka ($18) and Dahi Singdana Kebab ($18) to whet up that appetite. Main selections are definitely not for the faint-hearted as well, with the Wok hei crayfish fried rice ($30) and Moghul Tandoori Chicken Burger ($28) coming in incredibly generous portions. It will only be fitting that you cap off the night with a traditional dessert like Chendol ($14).

If the timing is right, you might even be pleasantly interrupted by the sound of fireworks to end off your dinner as a night to remember! As we celebrate, let our taste buds and culinary adventures remind us of the rich heritage and vibrant spirit that makes our nation truly special. Happy National Day!