Benefits of a Plastic-free Lifestyle 
21 June 2023

Trillions of pieces of plastic trash litter our oceans. One million plastic bottles are purchased every minute. Each year, the world generates approximately 300 million tonnes of plastic waste. These staggering numbers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to plastic waste facts and statistics. And we all know the numbers don’t lie.

Taking hundreds of years to break down, plastic pollution is a major contributor to both land and water pollution. Even biodegradable plastic bags take a long time to break down, and more often than not still end up in landfills. The only solution to our plastic crisis is to reduce your use of single-use plastics! 

We have heard enough about the scary truths of plastic, but what about the multitude of benefits that a plastic-free lifestyle can offer? Whether it’s for the environment, our health, or our pockets, going plastic-free will be a decision you’ll not look back on, for the many ways it can positively impact our lives.

Reduce Waste

Stop buying plastic for a year and watch your rubbish and recycling diminish drastically. Gone are dozens of plastic bottles of toiletries and cleaning products. Lighten the mood of your rooms by purging all the nooks and crannies of where you’ve stored plastic bags and packaging. Less clutter at home can significantly improve your quality of life!

Better for Your Health

Scientists have found tiny microplastics in the human body, which raises fears for our long-term health effects. To reduce microplastics in your body, it’s up to you to prioritise a healthy, plastic-free diet. Avoid plastic takeout. Try a plastic-free personal care routine. Your health is worth changing your habits for.

Save Money

Repurpose old plastic toys, invest in reusable items, or buy sustainable bars of soaps. All of these save you money in the long run as we don’t need to buy new items, and spend money where we don’t have to!

Less Harm to Animals

Microplastics have been found in the stomachs of dead sea creatures, while others have died as a result of encountering plastic. Reducing plastic usage eliminates such devastating impacts on animals by lowering the trash and toxins clogging up our oceans, ultimately helping to prevent irreparable damage to coastal biodiversity.

Get More Creative

The journey to a zero-waste lifestyle can inspire creativity within the family, as well as with your community. Eliminating plastic also makes you stop to think about where your food is coming from, forcing you to get more savvy in the kitchen. Your problem solving skills are sharpened when you dream up different ways to replace your plastic packaging. 

The plastic crisis has to be tackled head on and if we all chip in, the difference we can make will be significant. Putting it into perspective, just one person switching to recycled bags over their lifetime would mean removing 22,000 plastic bags from the environment! 

With up to five trillion plastic bags used around the world every year, the duty is ours to implement measures that can help beat plastic pollution. It all starts with a daily choice. Let’s start moving towards a circular economy by making informed decisions about our plastic output!