8 Last-Minute Preparations to Make Your Family and Home Ready for the Lunar New Year
3 February 2021

With barely a week to go before we welcome the Year of the Metal Ox, we are sure many households are busy preparing their Lunar New Year festivities at home.

Of course, as the new normal dictates, this year’s celebration will be quite different than usual, as we prioritise public health and safety, and opt for a much intimate gathering instead.

Just as the 1st of January is a time for writing resolutions and self-reflections, the Lunar New Year also gives us an opportunity for a fresh start. How you begin the coming year establishes the mood for the next year, so it’s essential to put your best foot forward to enjoy a year filled with abundance, prosperity and good health.

If you’re in a rush to get everything ready for the new year, don’t fret, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed with all the season’s customs and traditions. That’s why we’ve prepared this last-minute guide to help you with your Lunar New Year preparations.

Spring Clean Your House

We can all agree that having a clean home as we enter this new year is more important than ever. It is an ideal time for tidying and refreshing your home’s aesthetic to improve its energy flow and to keep it safe and sanitary.

If you don’t have enough time for a thorough cleaning, just ensure to do a clean sweep, clear the dust, and declutter any messy areas. Sweeping the floor before the Lunar New Year is believed to wipe out last year’s misfortunes, so don’t forget to do this.

Spread Out the Festive Goodies

Once your house is fresh and spotless, it’s time for the sweetest part: laying out the festive treats!

Place the goodies in dainty containers and trays, and carefully arrange them on the dining and/or coffee table.

Even if it’s just a small gathering this time around, these sweet treats often run out sooner than you think so be sure to prepare some extras. Thankfully, it’s not yet too late to purchase an assortment of festive goodies from Mugiya (#B2-14), Kopi and Tarts (#B2-39) and Joe and Dough (#B2-12).

Introduce Touches of Red in Your Home

Without a doubt, the colour of the season is red, as it’s thought to be lucky and auspicious. Many families fill their homes with beautiful scarlet hues to bring in good fortune. And while red looks good, this bright and dominating colour might not match with most homes’ interior design.

To strike a fine balance between prosperity and design, try to insert small touches of red throughout your home. You can choose to decorate your home with curtains, throw pillows, table runner, or Chinese lanterns—all with a hint of red.

Spruce Up Your House with Flowers

If red lanterns or paper cutting doesn’t float your boat, you can always turn to flowers to add charm and radiance to your home. Afterall, flowers signify rejuvenation, so it’s quite fitting to adorn your space with fresh blooms.

Flower shops often get busy during this season so it’s best to call ahead. Lucky for you, the exquisite floral creations at EnJoy Fleur (#B2-70A) are ready to be bought and adorned in your home instantly.

There’s nothing like the scent of cherry blossoms and kumquats to bring out this season’s cheer. Make your way to Marina One to smell CNY in the air. An aroma of kumquat is waiting for you at L1, drop-off entrance, while whiff of fresh cherry blossoms awaits you at L3.

Self-Care and Grooming

The Lunar New Year is not just about preparing our homes, but also about our personal preparation. Getting yourself rejuvenated and pampered before the coming year is synonymous to cleansing out last year’s bad vibes and starting fresh.

Before the new year begins, make sure to get a haircut and trim your nails too. If you want to look your best, there’s no harm in sporting a new hair colour, donning festive accessories, or painting your nails red to go with the theme.

For any last-minute trips to the salon, you’re spoilt for choices at Marina One. Visit one of these beauty shops for a pre-new year makeover: Hairpage Commonground (#01-02), Myeongdong Hair Studio (#B2-54) – no festive surcharge, or Nail Bliss (#B2-70).

Prepare Your CNY Outfit

It’s customary to wear a new set of clothes for Lunar New Year, preferably in vibrant colours like orange, yellow, gold, or red. Whatever you fancy to wear—whether a traditional attire or a modern outfit—the Chinese believe that wearing at least one piece of clothing in the shade of red wards off evil and brings in good luck. Aside from red, you can also attract more prosperity by dressing in your zodiac sign’s lucky colour/s for the year.

Don’t Forget the Ang Baos

In case your mind runs off from all the last-minute preps, we’re here to remind you not to forget the ang baos!

Symbolising good wishes and blessings, these lucky red packets are a necessary part of the new year revelry. If you want to add a unique touch to this tradition, you can buy plantable zero-waste ang baos made with biodegradable paper embedded with seeds from The Social Space (#01-03). Check out their artistic designs below.

While it’s common practice to give the ang baos personally, today’s adverse reality has paved the way for an innovative approach to this beloved custom. Instead of imparting the ang baos hand-in-hand, people can now safely send e-ang baos digitally via WeChat, PayNow, etcetera. In fact, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) encourages Singaporeans to opt for this safe and environmentally-friendly alternative this Lunar New Year.

Settle Old Debts

To build a steady flow of good karma for the next twelve months, it’s wise to settle old debts of all kinds to family and friends before the new year. From borrowed items or money, grudges and bitterness, to broken friendships or relationships, this season calls us to mend broken fences and begin anew in anticipation of a brand-new start.   


The Chinese believes that our actions during the Lunar New Year may reveal the outcome for the coming year, that’s why it’s necessary to properly prepare everything down to the smallest detail. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant celebration to attract good luck and fortune, a simple one spent with loved ones brings about just the same.

All things considered, the purpose of the Lunar New Year preparations goes beyond the décor, clothing, goodies, and even the ang baos. It’s about fresh beginnings, family reunions, and new opportunities for the year to come.

For any last-minute shopping, pampering, or dining, Marina One remains open daily for your Lunar New Year needs. You can take home a Yu Sheng platter for 2 when you spend a minimum of $80* OR receive a $5 M+S voucher when you spend a minimum of $50*. There’s also FREE PARKING until 10 February with a minimum spend of $30*, valid for 1-hour on weekdays. Redemption booth is located at #B2-53 (opposite Tropical Sundays) and opens Monday to Friday, 11am to 5pm.

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We hope this last-minute guide for this season’s highly awaited event has helped you in many ways.

And since you’ve made it this far, have a fortune cookie on us! Take a pick from red, purple, or green, and brace yourself for some good energy coming your way. Share the positivity with your friends and family too!

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