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Breaking the Stigma | What we Should Know about Muscular Dystrophy

What is muscular dystrophy? Put simply, it refers to a group of more than 30 muscular disorders that vary in age of onset, severity, and pattern of affected muscles. Some of them includes Duchenne, Becker, Limb-Girdle, and Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  The symptoms are unmistakable. Over time, muscle weakness decreases mobility, making everyday tasks difficult. There’s … Continue reading “Breaking the Stigma | What we Should Know about Muscular Dystrophy”


Green Your Office in 5 Easy Steps

In Singapore, over the past forty years, the amount of waste disposed has increased seven-fold, with a staggering 6.94 million tonnes of solid waste generated in a recent year. As we return to the office, there’s no time to waste in implementing a zero waste plan for the workplace!  After all, a less cluttered space … Continue reading “Green Your Office in 5 Easy Steps”

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A Special Escapade Just for Her

March is the month of celebrating her. In the spirit of International Women’s Day, let’s toast to the mettle and fortitude of the mighty women and girls in our lives. We’ve scouted out the best spots to put together a seamless guide for you to explore Marina One and all that it has to offer.  … Continue reading “A Special Escapade Just for Her”

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Superfoods: What, Why, & Where To Find Them

You are what you eat, and eating healthy has become more important than ever. Health Hub’s Dietary Guidelines for Singaporeans cites unhealthy eating patterns as a major contributing factor to the rise in chronic diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes – all of which are the current leading causes of death in Singapore.  Enter … Continue reading “Superfoods: What, Why, & Where To Find Them”

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Valentine’s Day 2023 Guide: 5 Love Languages Edition

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to celebrating romance, honouring your special someone, or simply, showing affection for those we hold dear. When it comes to celebrating relationships, everyone loves and feels loved differently, and there is a multitude of ways to express love, care, and concern for the ones precious and dear to us. … Continue reading “Valentine’s Day 2023 Guide: 5 Love Languages Edition”

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The Art Of Tossing Yu Sheng

What are some highlights of the Lunar New Year celebrations? For many of us, it includes receiving red packets, exchanging New Year’s greetings, enjoying LNY goodies, and watching the fortune-bringing lion dance performances. However, we cannot forget another iconic Lunar New Year ritual, which is the tossing of yu sheng, also known as Lo Hei! … Continue reading “The Art Of Tossing Yu Sheng”

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5 Ways To Repurpose Your New Year Goodies

As with most festive feasting, the Lunar New Year celebration often leaves us abounding in food…and leftovers. Foresee having too much leftover food and unopened goodies in the days to come? Fret not, we have some ideas on how you can repurpose your New Year goodies so you can enjoy them in a different way … Continue reading “5 Ways To Repurpose Your New Year Goodies”

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Kickstart Your Yoga Journey with the Right Class

If you’re just embarking on your yoga journey, it can be daunting trying to decide which class is best for you. Ashtanga or Vinyasa? What’s the difference between yin yoga and hatha yoga? Do I need to be very fit to start doing yoga? All these questions can be enough to scare you off the … Continue reading “Kickstart Your Yoga Journey with the Right Class”

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4 Things To Do For A Meaningful Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us – with streets decked out in glistening lights and beautiful ornaments, and shops playing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” wherever you go. Coupled with the relaxation of COVID-19 measures, we can now have our Christmas gatherings as we did before. As we enjoy gathering over festive feasts … Continue reading “4 Things To Do For A Meaningful Christmas”

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Tips To Minimise Food Waste At Home

Did you know that in 2021, Singapore generated food waste equivalent to the amount of 56,000 double decker buses? Food waste comes in all forms – from unfinished perishables to unopened items with a longer shelf life that we throw away. In fact, not only does high food waste add to our waste management problem, … Continue reading “Tips To Minimise Food Waste At Home”

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Let’s Get Physical For A Healthier Mind

Taking care of your physical needs is the first step to good mental health. Given the close connection between the mind and body, neglecting your physical health affects both areas. An active lifestyle matters, as much as a healthy sleep schedule and a balanced diet. In addition to the physical benefits it brings, exercising also … Continue reading “Let’s Get Physical For A Healthier Mind”

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Efficient Ways To Clear Your Mind

Have you ever experienced lagging problems on your phone? Does it crash out of the blue? One of the reasons for such problems is often due to low storage space on your device. The solution to this is to manage your phone’s memory. Although the human brain is more complex and abstract than phones, there … Continue reading “Efficient Ways To Clear Your Mind”

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